My List: Factoidz Copyright Violations

Hello everyone, I am wishing you a marvelous day while sharing some information with you.

Unfortunately, it seems that even those who do read an online website TOS or terms of service before joining a content publishing website can really be taken to the cleaners when the person who owns the content publishing website is actively pulling off an online business scam.

The good news is that there are individual freelance writers who are standing up and making this particular online content publishing scam known to others by any means possible.

Why are these freelance writers doing anything they can think of to let you know what is going on behind the scenes of this business scam?

Well, the number one reason is because they now Know they are being scammed. They know how much hard work they put into their creative works of art also known as content or articles. They also know how much time and effort it takes to promote the work they have submitted with the promise of residual income from content publishing on various websites.

The second biggest reason is that in their own way, each of those freelance writers that stand up to tell you their own sad story are trying to protect you from falling into the same trap laid in wait for you too, if you have the misfortune of landing on the scam website.

You deserve to know the truth of the matter, since this is a business issue and a moral issue. Find out more about it and then let others know so they are not scammed as well.